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Kinder Information Packet

The goal of the St. Mary Kindergarten program is to educate with excellence, educate the whole child, and acknowledge each child’s individual needs so that each student will not only be a life-long learner, but will also grow to make a positive contribution to his/her community and society.  The program uses whole group, as well as individualized instruction in small groups to build self-confidence while fostering social development in a loving and supportive environment.

A kindergartner’s day consists of formal lessons, as well as play and creativity.  Math and reading readiness programs prepare the child for future academic work.  The daily instructional program consists of the following:  language arts and phonics, math, religion, science, social studies and handwriting.  Enrichment classes include Spanish, music and computers.  In addition, students also participate in visits to the library, out door play, story time, art and cooking.   Kindergartners also participate in the Perceptual Motor Development Program, which is part of the overall physical education program.  Motor Development focuses on the development of large motor skills.

In the kindergarten program there is an awareness that each child is a unique individual  designed by God.  Praise, compassion and positive discipline are used to show appreciation for a child’s efforts.  As stated in our Schoolwide Learning Expectations, all students at St. Mary School are guided to be Life-long Learners, Individual Thinkers, Globally Aware Citizens, Helpful and Respectful Individuals and Thoughtful Catholic Leaders ready to shine Christ’s LIGHT!


SCHOOL Binders

School binders are the primary way to communicate between school and home.  Please initial the weekly snapshot each night.  Please use the binder for correspondence between home and school.  The binders need to travel to and from school daily.

Please send a note back to school with your child after being absent. If you know in advance that your child will be absent, please send a note or an email prior to the absence. Thank you.

Each child will remain with a teacher until he/she is picked up by a guardian. Please notify me if you would like a sibling to pick up your child. Also, please notify me of any change in the after school routine, i.e. play dates or Kid's Club. Thank you.


We will begin homework in September.  Homework will be passed out on Monday and will return on Friday.
Please do not allow your child to bring any toys to school. They often end up lost or broken.

Birthdays are very important days! Naturally a song will be sung in honor of this special day.  Per school policy we ask no food treats be sent to school. If you wish do something special  

Star Student
A "Star Student" will be chosen for each week. A letter will go home on Friday with our special person for the following week. Anything brought to school for this week will be taken care of and sent home on Friday.

In Kindergarten there is an emphasis on making good choices. Making poor choices and not following the rules will result in "clipping down" on our clip chart.  Likewise, making good choices will result in "clipping up".  Kinders have the opportunity to experience positive and negative consequences as a result of their behavior/choices!

Raise your hands
Do your best
Be respectful
Work quietly
Clean up

Mrs. Holmberg , Miss. Galloway & Mrs. Bettencourt

The Kindergarten Team,
Aug 14, 2019, 10:07 AM