Sight Words

High-Frequency Words  - are words in our English language that appear with the highest occurrence in written text.  Good readers will know these high-frequency words automatically, or by “sight”. We are using the Dolch high-frequency word list this year, and will focus on one word each week from the Dolch pre-primer or primer word list.  Knowing these words by sight will enable students to read with fluency and better comprehend text because every word does not need to be decoded.  A beginning reader who must focus entirely on decoding every word is unable to devote enough attention to comprehension and fluency.  In addition, words such as “the,” and, “of,” cannot be sounded out because they do not follow conventional rules - they must be memorized!  A good reader is a student that can comprehend while reading.  As a teacher I want to give students the strategies and techniques necessary to decode text, including the ability to recognize high-frequency words as sight words.  The goal is to:

1.     Establish a bank of sight words

2.    Transfer these sight words to text

3.    Reread sight-word text to accelerate fluency

4.    Develop a positive self-image by experiencing success

This year we will be making a bank of sight word cards and attaching the cards with a ring to the children's writing folders.  I will also add the words to the sight word list here on our website so you know which words the students are studying each week/month.  Not only will the students be able to read these words, they will be asked to use the words in their writing. In addition, the students will be taught color and number words to ensure that they are able to associate the correct word with the appropriate color or number.